Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report




14.3%                                      13.0%
LOWER                                  LOWER
(mean)                                  (median)

“Upper” quartile

93.0%                                      7.0%
MEN                                   WOMEN

“Upper middle” quartile

93.0%                                    7.0%
MEN                                    WOMEN

“Lower middle” quartile

79.2%                                   20.8%
MEN                                  WOMEN

“Lower” quartile

83.1%                                 16.9%
MEN                                  WOMEN


76.6%                                   40.3%
LOWER                                LOWER
(mean)                                 (median)


54.6%                                    52.4%
OF MEN                               OF WOMEN


Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap

Policy Statement

Heathrow Truck Centre is committed to the principles of equal pay for all of our employees.
The Company aims to eliminate any gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and
understands that equal pay between males and females is a legal right in accordance with
the Equality Act 2010.

The Company is committed to conducting pay audits in accordance with The Equality Act
2010. More importantly, the Company’s commitment to this area is underlined by
conducting these reports on an annual basis, analysing the results and taking specific action
based on the output.

Pay reviews compare the pay of men and women using the average difference in men’s and
women’s aggregate hourly pay. The aim is to identify any equal and/or gender pay gaps, and
to make recommendations that work towards closing any gaps that cannot be explained by
grounds other than gender.
The Company will review on an annual basis and develop action plans underpinned by the
key pillars of our People Strategy, with the underlying goals:
Leadership: We will articulate and embrace leadership and staff behaviours which support
our values and promote a diverse, inclusive and enabling culture.
Recruitment and Selection: We will build our brand as an employer of choice and develop
creative approaches to secure the best talent.
Learning and Development: We will develop career pathways to enable long-term
development, progression and succession planning.
Both the causes of gender pay inequity and the potential solutions are complex and varied
with many arguably outside the direct control of individual employers. Similarly there are
longstanding social patterns and perceptions that have led to certain occupations (e.g.
heavy manufacturing) being heavily dominated by one gender.
It is in the interests of the Company to ensure that we have fair and just pay and
remuneration systems to assist in attracting and retaining the best employees and to reduce
the equal pay gaps and overall gender pay gap.

Our gender pay objectives are to:

 Achieve greater equality in reward outcomes
 Positively promote the Company to improve successful female application rates
 Use standard principles in determination of appointing salary

 Equitable, fair and transparent policies and processes that support career

The Company believes that inclusive and diverse teams at all levels will deliver greater
impact in our business. Placing diversity at the heart of workforce planning (encompassing
recruitment, promotion and succession planning) is vital to achieve a step change in our
staff profile, to build diverse teams at every level, and in every department.

The Company remains committed to fair and equitable remuneration and reward and this
will continue to be a fundamental element of all of our policies and processes.